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Like so many other manufacturers of agricultural machinery, it all began with a blacksmith's shop. In 1920, it became an industrial manufacturer that gradually took on the challenges that arose from the very low mechanisation of agriculture on the Iberian Peninsula. The development of the Spanish and Portuguese market shows many parallels to today's African market for mechanisation equipment. For this reason, GALUCHO knows the needs in Africa very well and can offer a wide range of implements and trailers.









The disc plough C-D

In Africa, the disc plough is a classic. Robust and universally known, it is the standard plough for many farmers who only have low horsepower tractors at their disposal. We offer this classic plough, which GALUCHO manufactures in excellent quality, with scrapers and with 3, 4 or 5 discs of 71 cm diameter. The minimum tractor power required varies from 55 to 70 and up to 90 hp for the 5-disc plough.

The further development of the classic disc plough. The 71 cm diameter discs plough to a depth of 35 cm and can be turned hydraulically when changing direction. We offer this model in 3 versions: with 3 discs and a working width of 95 cm, with 4 discs and a working width of 1.25 m and with 5 discs and a working width of 1.55 m. The discs can be used with a tractor of at least 55 or 70 and 90 hp. Tractors with at least 55 or 70 and 90 hp are required. All versions are supplied with scrapers.

The CH2-H and CH3-H ploughs

GALUCHO's reversible ploughs offer solid technology at reasonable prices. The smallest version with 12-inch ploughshares, which plough up to 30 cm deep and 0.6 m wide, can already be operated with tractors from 45 hp. The version with 16-inch shares ploughs to a depth of 40 cm with a working width of 0.8 m and requires at least 70 hp tractor power.
In the version with 3 shares, working widths of 1.0 m are achieved and a tractor power of at least 85 hp is required. We supply both versions with scrapers.


The ME / ED / EDC cultivators

When solid soil needs to be deeply loosened, the cultivator is the right tool. We have a wide range of cultivators with working depths between 10 and 30 cm and working widths between 1.30 and 4.50 m. This covers a power spectrum of tractors ranging from 20 to 100 hp and provides the right cultivators for all our TALOS models.

The CHV heavy cultivators

For the TALOS models, we have heavy and powerful cultivators with 1.90 and 2.45 m working widths in our range. These implements loosen the soil to a depth of up to 40 cm and can be adjusted in height via the wheels. A minimum horsepower of 70 or 90 hp is required. Optionally, bar rollers can be fitted for crumbling, which also take over the height adjustment. The wheels are then omitted.

The SL-3 subsoil cultivator

When it comes to breaking up soils up to 80 cm deep, the SL-3 deep cultivator with 3 teeth comes into its own. It is equipped with tips made of highly tempered HARDOX 450 steel for long-lasting and efficient work. With the required power starting at 60 hp, the cultivator works with all TALOS models.

Disc Harrows

The NA2C short disc harrows

In Africa, mounted disc harrows are among the most popular implements when the required cultivation depth is about 10 cm and when ploughing is not required. The short disc harrow is also often used after the plough to break up the crumbs. We offer the 2-row harrows with working widths from 1.60 m with 51 cm discs and a required tractor power of 45 hp up to a working width of 2.45 with 61 cm discs and a required tractor power of at least 70 hp. If desired, the adjustment of the angle of attack can be carried out hydraulically.

Rotary Harrows

The FL1R power harrow

Roundabout harrows are an essential implement for preparing a fine-crumbled and well-aerated seedbed before sowing. And such a level, fine-crumbled seedbed is in turn the prerequisite for the use of mechanical seed drills and a good harvest result. We offer the FL1R harrows in working widths of 1.70 m for tractors between 50 and 60 hp and in a working width of 1.90 m for tractors between 60 and 75 hp.

The FR1 power harrow

The big brother with more area output. We offer this product series in a working width of 2.00 m for tractors from 75 to 90 hp and in a working width of 2.20 m for tractors with a hp output of 85 to 100 hp. These two models therefore fit well with the TALOS 220, 230 and 240 tractor models. Optionally, packer rollers and rollers for soil compaction can be attached to the FR1 series power harrows.

Mulch Tillers

The mulch tiller GSA

If it is necessary to maintain grassland or to cut grass, bushes and shrubs up to a branch diameter of 6 cm and mulch them directly, then the GSA 180 is exactly the right machine. With a working width of 1.80 m and a power requirement of only 50 hp, this mulcher can also be operated on small tractors.

The large mulcher GSAP

The big brother with more power in grass, bush and shrub cutting. The GSAP mulcher mulches branches up to 8 cm in diameter. We offer this product range in working widths from 1.80 to 2.40 m for tractors from 55 to 100 hp. This means that the 4 models in the range fit well with all TALOS tractor models.


The 2-dimensional graders PN1

The graders of the PN1 series are adjustable in the angle of attack by a full 360° in order to be able to realise any desired working position. The adjustment can be made either mechanically or hydraulically, whereby the hydraulic variant enables a significantly higher quality of work during operation. The graders are available in working widths from 1.80 to 3.00 m and can be used on tractors between 35 and 75 hp, depending on the width.

The PN3 3-dimensional grader

The graders of the PN3 series are all equipped with powerful hydraulics and can be moved in all three dimensions. This means that, for example, ditches and slopes can also be pulled and levelled. Depending on the working width - 2.00, 2.50 or 3.00 m - tractors with at least 50, 70 or 90 hp are required. With their high traction and horsepower, the TALOS all-wheel-drive tractors from CLAAS are the ideal draft horses for this multifunctional attachment, which is perfect for levelling new land areas, building paths and straightening squares.

The PN3 grader in use

The video impressively shows the diverse possibilities of the PN3- grader.


Single axle trailer PB

For transporting the harvest, fertiliser and everything else that needs to be transported, we have trailers for every class of tractor. The spectrum of the single-axle models in the PB series ranges from loading areas of 2.40 x 1.55 x 0.45 m and a payload of 1.5 tonnes to models with a loading area of 3.50 x 2.00 x 0.45 m and a payload of 5 tonnes. This makes the trailers suitable for tractors between 25 and 50 hp. All trailers have a hydraulic 3-sided tipping device and allow the drop sides to be raised by 2 x 0.45 cm to a total of 1.35 m in height.

The PB-RD single-axle trailer

The single-axle models of the PB-RD series have double tyres and suspension for comfortable road transport. The loading platforms with dimensions of 4.60 x 2.30 x 0.45 m are designed for payloads of 7.5 or 10 tonnes, depending on the model. Both versions have a hydraulic 3-sided tipping device and allow the drop sides to be raised by 2 x 0.45 cm to a total of 1.35 m in height. These models fit perfectly with the TALOS models.

Two-axle trailer PB-2E

When the loads get heavier and the tractors get bigger and exceed the 100 hp limit, then double-axle trailers are the right choice. We offer the PB-2E series with payloads of 10, 12 and 16 tonnes. The loading area for the 10 tonne version is 4.60 x 2.30 x 0.45 metres. The two larger variants have a loading area of 5.50 x 2.30 x 0.60 m. The drop sides of all 3 models can be raised 2 times each. The photo shows the trailer with a side wall extension.

The RB double-axle trailer

The RB is the top model of the double-axle trailers with very extensive standard equipment, a loading area of 6.00 x 2.40 x 0.60 m and a payload of 16 tonnes. This model can also accommodate a tank for irrigation. The drop sides can be raised 2 times each. The photo shows the trailer with such a 2-fold increase of the drop sides to then a total of 1.80 m. With such increases, large quantities of voluminous goods, such as straw over hay, can be transported. The RB can be towed by tractors such as the ARION 430 or all tractors of the ARION 600 series.

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