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So that wood becomes

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Our partner FAE, based in the Italian Alps, is the world's most sought-after, innovative manufacturer of equipment for land clearing and preparation. The range includes attachments for tractors and excavators as well as tracked vehicles as implement carriers for mulchers, tillers, clearing blades and machines for landmine clearance. FAE's mulchers and tillers turn wood and foliage into high-quality humus that gives the soil a new quality.





PT 300

The tracked vehicle for all conditions

Mulching wood and bushes and rotary tilling to work the mulch into the ground places high demands on the implement carriers. The PT 300 is the most uncompromising choice here. Particularly in tropical conditions, where it can be both hot and very wet, robustness and high traction are required, even in very wet soils. With 60 and 80 cm wide tracks and 302 hp, the PT 300 is the ideal vehicle for operating mulchers, tillers, root cutters and clearing blades.

In action with the mulcher

The 200/U and 300/U mulchers, which are specially adapted to the PT 300, can easily process bushes, grasses, shrubs and trees up to 35 or 40 cm in diameter. The integrated pusher is equipped with ripper teeth and can also cope with tall vegetation. There are different types of teeth to choose from, allowing the rotor to be perfectly adapted to the working conditions.

tillers for the perfect farmland

In combination with the 200/S tillers and with working widths between 200 and 250 cm, the PT 300 transforms mulched areas or areas with low vegetation, existing roots or a high proportion of stones into perfect humus-rich and easy-to-cultivate arable soil. Different, interchangeable rotor teeth allow the tiller to be adapted to different soil conditions.

The PT 300 in use

The PT 300 is the tireless "cheval de bataille" for creating new cultivation areas and establishing access roads in difficult terrain. Equipped with powerful lighting and tireless, robust technology, the PT 300 eats its way through the terrain in 24-hour operation. Even in the rainy season, equipped with the 80 cm wide tracks, it can remain in operation almost continuously, in contrast to the mulchers and tillers on the tractor. This ensures high economic efficiency.

Here you can download the product brochures in French, English and German.

UMH/MEGA Forestry Mulchers

The mega mulcher

When the tree trunks get thicker and the bushes denser, and when tractor power is not an issue, the UMH/MEGA is the right choice. This "voracious monster" feels so importantly at home on tractors between 350 and 500 hp. With a single implement, tree trunks up to 50 cm in diameter can be mulched and at the same time biomass up to 25 cm can be worked into the soil. That is so really mega!

Best friends

The CLAAS XERION is the UMH/MEGA's best friend. Together they are unstoppable - and certainly not by a few trees and bushes that get in their way. Thanks to the rotating cab, the driver is very close to the action and can keep a close eye on the mulcher. With this universal combination, land reclamation is a real pleasure.

The mulcher in milling operation

When the vegetation has been mulched, using the UMH/MEGA as a tiller in forward operation of the XERION is the appropriate means of creating a cultivated area that has been worked to a depth of up to 25 cm. This ingenious combination is a perfect match for the XERION, which offers both the right power and, with its rotating cab, always provides the perfect working direction.

The team at work

The UMH/MEGA and the CLAAS XERION in mulcher mode. In combination with the powerful pushing device and the mulcher head, even densely overgrown areas can be cleared and mulched quickly.

Here you can download the product brochures in French, English and German.


The Floor Maker

When perfect soil is the goal and there are a lot of stumps, roots and stones in the way, then large forestry tillers are in their element. The SSH and SSH/HP require tractors with between 160 and 500 hp and reward this with high performance. With their large rotor, they enable the shredding of tree stumps with a diameter of up to 70 cm and they deliver the best shredding results for roots up to 50 cm deep.

Best quality for highest performance

The quality of the materials and components used is the best available worldwide. This quality standard not only corresponds to FAE's philosophy, but is also simply the necessary prerequisite for achieving the highest possible performance under the toughest conditions. And this performance is expressed in the form of the shredding quality, even with a high proportion of solids in the form of roots and stones, as well as in the area output.

Fits a wide range of tractors

The clearing tillers of the SSH - SSH/HP series are operated on the rear PTO and in forward drive. This means that the tillers can be operated on a wide range of tractors, depending on the working width selected. The SSH 150 with a working width of 1.5 metres can be operated with a tractor power of 160 hp or more, although a few more hp is never harmful. The powerful SSH-HP with 2.25 and 2.50 m working widths should have around 400 hp in front of them for optimum performance.

So that the seed falls on the best soil

With the large clearing cultivators, arable soil is prepared that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of physical quality. The vegetation is finely shredded and can be quickly converted into humus by the soil bacteria, especially under tropical conditions. Stones are crushed and allow ploughs and harrows to work quickly and without damaging the material. All in all, the initial cultivation of new arable land with the clearing tiller is an investment that pays off.

Here you can download the product brochures in French, English and German.


Our partner for the TALOS from CLAAS

Even tractors in the 50 to 100 hp power classes do not have to do without the possibilities and performance of FAE mulchers, especially if they have a standard 0.2 km/h creep speed, like all TALOS models. With the new PaTriziO development, FAE has developed a series of 3 mulchers that perform amazingly with working widths of 1.50 m, 1.75 m and 2.00 m. Grass and shrubs as well as bushes with a trunk or branch diameter of up to 15 cm are mulched quickly and reliably.

Economical and powerful at the same time

Technically, the PaTriziO has taken over a lot from its big siblings. The PaTriziO is equipped with adjustable skids, two rows of counter cutters for fine and even shredding and a hydraulic tailgate. This reduces the amount of mulch that is thrown out during work. The Rotos can be equipped with different interchangeable cutting tools, depending on the task, and a pusher facilitates the feeding of the material.

Quality you can see

The PaTriziO can be quickly and easily attached to the rear linkage of the tractor. Connect the PTO shaft and hydraulics and you're ready to go. The PaTriziO operates at PTO speeds of 540 and 1,000 rpm and weighs between 760 and 980 kg depending on size, which means no counterweights are required.

The PaTriziO in action

With small tractors, the PaTriziO delivers amazing results. It can be used both in reverse mode for mulching shrubs and bushes and in forward mode for incorporating biomass into the soil. For this, the skids can be adjusted to different heights.

Here you can download the product brochures in French, English and German.