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Continuity, innovation and quality are the most important guidelines of the family-run traditional brand AMAZONE. Since 1883, entrepreneurs and employees have been committed to these goals. This spirit can be felt in the daily cooperation as well as in the products. The AMAZONE implements show how close the company and its developers are to the needs of the farmers. All of them are made to work quickly and reliably and to achieve the best results in the field.









See for yourself the performance of CAYROS ploughs. The video shows all the important details in operation and also takes a look at the matching packers, which break up the crumbs and reconsolidate the soil in a single pass and protect it from drying out.

The truth is on the field

Soil cultivation lays the foundation for success in arable farming. Deep tillage is particularly important in organic farming. This efficiently controls weeds and soil pests and significantly reduces the risk of infection for the following crop. If the farmer decides to use mulch sowing, which is becoming more and more popular, and to harrow beforehand, it is still advisable to make a pass with the plough after 2-3 cultivation cycles in order to maintain soil hygiene.

Modern ploughing with modern equipment

AMAZONE ploughs are characterised by extremely robust technology, the best steel qualities, a high quality of work in the field and individual adaptation options to the site and its soil-specific conditions. Adjusting the ploughs is quick and easy. This is an important aspect to enable easy pulling and thus fuel-saving work. All these features make CAYROS ploughs ideal partners for agriculture in West Africa.

At home on any terrain

The CAYROS range of mounted reversible ploughs is available in sizes from 2 to 6 ploughshares. Thus, we offer ploughs suitable for tractors of classes from 50 to 380 hp. All ploughs have a stone safety device with shear bolt and mechanical adjustment of the working width as standard. As a very useful option, the CAYROS S models can be equipped with a hydraulic stone safety device and hydraulic adjustment of the working width.

Ploughs for every tractor class


Here you can download the product brochures in French, English and German.

CATROS Disc Harrows

Soil cultivation with added value

Compact disc harrows are ideal for intensive mixing tillage. Thanks to their special light draft, high speeds with high area outputs are possible - and at the same time extremely economical with very low fuel consumption and low wear and repair costs.

High-speed tillage

The CatrosXL 03 compact disc harrow is ideally suited for areas with a lot of organic material such as crop residues and mulch due to its open frame design and large passage. Thanks to the large 610 mm fine or coarse serrated discs, working depths of up to 16 cm are no problem. With working widths of 3 m to 4 m and working speeds of 12 to 18 km/h, high area outputs with very good working results can be achieved.

For more organic matter in the soil

The pushers of the Catros+ and CatrosXL are arranged particularly steeply. This ensures the smooth transfer of the soil-organic mixture from the first to the second disc row and results in a first-class mixing of soil and plant material. Compared with flat discs, the discharge angle is significantly smaller with a steep disc arrangement. This means that the agitated soil-organic mixture is already properly deposited on the soil surface before the following roller.

The solution for soil and seedbed preparation

Crushboards are available as an option to achieve even better levelling and crumbling. This special equipment allows, for example, coarse clods to be broken after ploughing and the seedbed to be optimally prepared. Various following rollers are available to reconsolidate the soil. And the harrows at the rear of the combination create a very fine crumbly soil structure and thus the perfect germination conditions for subsequent crops.

Here you can download the product brochures in French, English and German.

CENIO & CENIUS Cultivator

The cultivator - loosening without ploughing

The spectrum of AMAZONE cultivators starts with the "small" mounted cultivator CENIO. The 3-bar mounted cultivator with working widths of 3 m to 4 m can be used from shallow stubble cultivation to crust-deep loosening to a working depth of up to 25 cm. The light-duty CENIO with a working width of 3 metres can already be operated with tractors of 100 hp.

Variability is their strength

The working depth of the cultivators can be adjusted mechanically or hydraulically. With various tools, the levelling discs shown above, a selection of special rollers and a harrow row, the CENIO cultivators can be quickly and easily adapted to a wide range of soil conditions and work requirements.

Nothing is too much - nothing is impossible

When it comes to mechanisation, many farms are looking for an implement to reduce costs by offering as universal a range of applications as possible. The solution is offered by the Cenius mulch cultivators with their mounted versions from 3 m to 4 m working width and their trailed cultivators Cenius-2TX with working widths from 4 m to 8 m. The range of variation possibilities is almost inexhaustible. Together with AMAZONE, CALAFI has put together configurations of the CENIO and CENIUS models that are perfectly matched to the needs in West Africa and our CLAAS tractors.

A convincing performance on the field

See for yourself the performance of the AMAZONE cultivators. In this video you can see how easy and quick it is to work with the powerful cultivators of the CENIO series in combination with CLAAS tractors. And the result on the field speaks for itself anyway.

Here you can download the product brochures in French, English and German.

KE, KX, KG Rotary Harrows

The omnivores in the field

Roundabout harrows or roundabout cultivators are excellent for soil cultivation after ploughing as well as for mulch sowing on pre-loosened soils. Thanks to a strong double frame, rotor shafts with tine carriers made of one piece and a spring-loaded tine attachment, the roundabout harrow is super stable. Even extremely large amounts of straw or heaps of soil can easily pass through the roundabout harrow due to the large clearances between the tines and above the tool carriers.

Combinations that save budgets

Coupling the D9 seed drill to the power harrows is done in a few simple steps. The same applies to the PRECEA. Our partner AMAZONE thus impressively proves how much it thinks in terms of system solutions and manages to reduce the machinery in agriculture to a few but perfectly matched implements without losing function and performance. This saves on investment budgets and is a very interesting approach, especially for Africa, where mechanisation is in its infancy.

Harrowing, seedbed preparation and sowing

The roundabout harrows and roundabout cultivators can be combined with different following rollers. We recommend, for example, the combination with a heavy wedge ring roller with matrix profile and harrow to prepare a finished seedbed in one pass. All implements in the series are designed to be combined with the D9 and Precea seed drills. This allows seedbed preparation and sowing in one pass. That is mechanisation efficiency!

The power harrow in action

Incredibly good results can be achieved with a power harrow and a heavy following roller. In the video you can see for yourself the exceptional work quality, in the form of a perfectly fine, well-aerated seedbed and the high working speed.

Here you can download the product brochures in French, English and German.

PRECEA Precision Air Seeders

Precision seed for maize, soybean, cotton

The Precea precision air seeder is the best choice for sowing maize, soybeans and cotton and is particularly characterised by its very precise placement, high impact power and convenient operation. First-class singling and fertiliser metering are convincing at working speeds of up to 15 km/h. The row widths can be adjusted hydraulically or mechanically between 45 cm for soya, 75 c, for maize and 90 cm for cotton.

A convincing combination for everything

The Precea-A precision top seed drill can be combined with either the KX roundabout cultivator or the KG roundabout cultivator and packer roller. Thanks to the combination of soil cultivation and packer roller, the PRECEA can work on a perfect seedbed and complete soil cultivation, sowing and initial fertilisation in one pass.

Simple and fast handling

The seed hoppers each hold 55 l and allow very easy filling. The hopper lids can be opened conveniently with one hand, allowing easy filling by bag. A filling aid is available as an option, which guides the seed safely into the hopper and also facilitates the filling process. In particular, emptying the residue is quick, easy and clean.

At home on any terrain

With fertiliser hoppers of 950 l or 1,250 l, the Precea offers a sufficiently large supply. The hopper, which is pulled far forward, ensures an optimum centre of gravity close to the tractor. The under-foot fertiliser application directly with the seed guarantees an optimal dosage and thus a very efficient and cost-saving fertilisation. But see for yourself.

Here you can download the product brochures in French, English and German.

D9 Seed Drills

The classic for row sowing

Unbeatably successful. The classic among seed drills.
The D9 mounted seed drill can be used solo or in combination with a compatible soil tillage implement such as a rotary harrow. With working widths from 2.5 m to 4 m, the D9 mounted seed drills are the right choice for smaller and medium-sized farms.

Perfect seeding - even with small tractors

With the D9 seed drill, a powerful machine is available for tractor outputs from 70 hp. The TALOS 210, for example, can pull the D9 with a working width of 2.50 metres. The TALOS 240 with its 97 hp works perfectly with the D9 3000, which has a working width of 3 metres. The drill for row sowing incl. fertilisation is perfect for cereals such as sorghum and rice in dry cultivation.

Convenient filling - quick emptying

The large seed hopper is closed dust- and rainproof by the sturdy hinged lid with rubber seals. The lid is particularly easy to operate with the tube handle and the gas pressure cylinder. With seed hoppers and attachments of different sizes, the hopper volume can be varied from 450 l to 1,000 l for a 3 m working width. This allows the D9 to work on tractors that have a smaller lifting capacity on the rear linkage.

Double the machine - double the performance

The D9-60 Super with 6 m working width consists of two 3-metre seed drills mounted on a coupling frame with large rubber wheels. This results in a large area seed drill at a favourable price. On light, low-bearing soils, it is also possible to mount a total of four wheels instead of the two large rubber wheels. The compact design allows it to be used as a three-point solo machine with tractors in the 180 hp class. But see for yourself...

Here you can download the product brochures in French, English and German.

UF Mounted Field Sprayers

The field sprayer for long working hours

The UF 02 mounted field sprayer is available with a tank volume of 1,000 or 2,000 l and with booms from 12 to 30 m working width. The UF 02 is particularly characterised by its compact design and its simple and convenient operation. In combination with the FT front tank, the tank volume of the manoeuvrable tractor unit can be increased to up to 3,500 l. That sets standards!

Plant protection - opportunity and challenge

Crop protection is an important component of arable farming and essential for ensuring high yields and optimal quality. These two factors play a key role in food security for the rapidly growing population in West Africa. By increasing the precision of crop protection technology, considerable amounts of pesticides can be saved today and, in combination with mechanical weed control by hoeing, effective and cost-efficient methods are available.

The front tank system for the UF series

The FT front tank makes it very easy to expand the tank volume of the UF mounted field sprayer by 1,000 l or 1,500 l. Thanks to the optional FlowControl+ system and the compact design, the front tank is the ideal solution for increasing the capacity of the UF.

As much as necessary - as little as possible

Crop protection is not inexpensive, but it is an absolutely necessary means of securing yields, even against total failure. All the more reason to pay attention to the precise application of crop protection agents. Here you can follow the complete working process of applying crop protection with the AMAZONE UF mounted sprayer and see how precise the equipment is in handling and application.

Here you can download the product brochures in French, English and German.

ZA-M Fertiliser Spreader

Perfect for small and medium-sized areas

The ZA-M mounted spreader, with up to 3,000 l hopper capacity and 36 m working width, is an ideal machine for farms and contractors who place great emphasis on safety and reliability. The low disc speeds and the slow-turning high-performance agitators ensure a very even, gentle fertiliser flow.

Perfectly adjusted saves a lot of money

The spread rate and working width can be precisely adjusted using the very comprehensive spreading tables. Large scales help you to precisely set the spread rate using the metering sliders. The setting can be made manually on the rear or electrically via the EasySet 2 operating computer. And since fertiliser prices are currently at unprecedented heights, precise fertilisation is an important factor for profitable cultivation.

Treat good well

Mineral fertiliser must be handled particularly gently so that it can be distributed precisely and delivered exactly to the plants over the entire working width. Fertiliser that is already damaged in the spreader can no longer be distributed safely. As a safety package, the AMAZONE Soft Ballistic System is already integrated as standard in the ZA-M mounted spreaders. Agitator, metering elements and spreading discs are optimally matched to each other. This protects the fertiliser and safeguards your yields.

Perfectly configured for Africa

As one of the leading suppliers of mineral fertiliser in Togo, CALAFI knows the importance and handling of this sought-after and vital commodity. We are all the happier to have AMAZONE, the world's leading manufacturer of fertiliser spreaders, on board to offer farmers fertiliser spreaders that are optimally adapted to the needs in West Africa. Then we also know that the fertiliser is "in good hands". See for yourself how modern and efficient fertilisation works.

Here you can download the product brochures in French, English and German.