Agriculture does not work without seeds and fertiliser.

And without good seeds and the right fertiliser, agriculture functions only suboptimally.

For this reason, CALAFI is constantly striving to expand its range with new seed varieties that are perfectly adapted to the growing conditions in West Africa and produce the varieties that the national and international market demands. In the fertiliser sector, in addition to standard products, we focus on specific mixtures that provide the respective crops with an optimal supply of nutrients. Through close cooperation with our producers in Europe, we can also produce and supply customised fertiliser mixtures.

Mineral fertiliser

Universal fertiliser

Unversal fertiliser

UREA 46%

NPK 15-15-15

Urea is the world's most widely used nitrogen fertiliser, which is particularly characterised by its rapid plant availability. We supply urea with 46 % nitrogen content in 50 kg bags, big bags and in bulk.

The standard mineral fertiliser for a wide range of applications. We supply the fertiliser in 50 kg bags, big bags and in bulk.


Only the ground recognises

the goodness of the seed

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Seeds that deliver what they promise

Seed selection is the cornerstone of harvest success. Especially in the organic soy sector, location factors such as soil conditions, rainfall, equipment and the demand structures of the buyers must be taken into account. As the largest exporter to the EU, Togo is in a position to defend its leading position, or even better, to expand it further. By planting premium seeds from German production, farmers can gain access to the world's largest market for organic soy.

And with the seeds of our partner DEUTSCHE SAATGUT you are in pole position.

For the short growing cycle


MARQUISE impresses in the early 000 segment as an all-rounder. MARQUISE delivers high yields and very high crude protein yields. Thanks to a rapid youth development, MARQUISE has a high weed suppression capacity. Due to its rapid maturity and good stability, MARQUISE has a very broad suitability for cultivation.

Here you can download the product data sheets in French English and German

For a high yield


ABELINA stands out as one of the earliest 000 varieties with high yield potential. The medium-long growth and high pod set ensure good harvestability. As a very early all-rounder, ABELINA is ideally suited for cultivation on marginal sites.

Here you can download the product data sheets in French English and German



ALICIA is characterised in the medium-early 000 segment by a very high yield potential with high crude protein yields. Rapid juvenile development, good stability and a low tendency to grain failure round off the overall package. ALICIA achieves strong results in the national variety trials.

Here you can download the product data sheets in French English and German



ATACAMA is ideally suited for cultivation in better soybean growing locations. The early 00 variety is drought stress tolerant, very high-yielding and delivers high oil yields. Thanks to its compact growth height, ATACAMA achieves good stability.

Here you can download the product data sheets in French English and German

Ensures biological nitrogen fixation

MasterFix L



MasterFix L Premier is one of the world's leading biological inoculants for the treatment of soybeans. The inoculant improves crop yields by increasing nodulation in the root system. The bacteria of the genus Bradyrhizobium japonicum and elkani become a natural source of nitrogen for the soybean. The inoculant is FIBL listed and suitable for certified organic soy cultivation.