Everything for a prosperous agriculture in West Africa

The green Revolution

More prosperity through higher productivity

In West Africa, on average 2/3 of the population works in agriculture, but agriculture contributes only 1/3 of the gross domestic product. This discrepancy is the wealth gap that needs to be addressed. The solution to the problem lies in the amount of land available for cultivation and in land productivity. In addition, the issue of food security, and that as autonomously as possible, i.e. without being dependent on imports of basic foodstuffs, is of great importance. But solving these problems should not be the end of West Africa's aspirations, because there is enough potential in agriculture to be a net exporter and to establish further value-added stages beyond the mere cultivation of agricultural products.

With these challenges in mind, CALAFI aims to holistically revolutionise agriculture in West Africa. As part of our 360° approach, we are creating new, highly fertile cultivable land with new methods and we are preparing the land for efficient mechanised cultivation. We provide service offerings for all stages of the agricultural production chain with our own machinery. We sell high-quality, durable agricultural machinery, predominantly of German quality manufacture, and offer a full service for maintenance and spare parts supply to go with it. We supply the best seeds, conventional and organic, as well as mineral and certified fertiliser. And we buy and market the crop surpluses and export production to reputable customers in Europe. This is our 360° approach that covers all facets of the agricultural value chain.


Always on the move

Only those who are constantly on the move can make a difference.

The CALAFI team is constantly on the move in order to be close to the market, the customers, the suppliers and the technology partners.

Here you can find out what is currently moving us and what we are moving.


TALOS unloaded

AgriDigitale TV reports from the TALOS presentation

The manager of a cooperative

Finally there! The unloading of the first self-propelled forestry mulcher in Togo.

State television reports on the TALOS performance

The German Ambassador in dialogue with farmers from Sanda-Kagbanda

Signing of the partnership with CLAAS

The tractors are brought into position

4 business units for one
360° agricultural service

CALAFI takes a 360° all-round look
of all facets of West Africa's diverse agriculture. Such a,
holistic view leaves no area of agricultural activity out. We
accompany agricultural projects from A to Z. Our range of services includes the creation of new
cultivation, initial and ongoing management at fixed prices, the sale of high-quality agricultural
the sale of high-quality agricultural machinery and equipment as well as the trade in seed, fertiliser and
crop protection products. CALAFI also buys and exports grain.
Here you will find detailed information on all
4 business areas.

New land for new ideas


With mulchers and tillers, CALAFI converts scrubland into high-quality farmland. Learn more about the range of services for creating new agricultural land here.

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Quality machines for

successful agriculture

Agricultural machinery trade

Quality machines are crucial for productivity and success in agriculture. CALAFI distributes and services the machines of leading German and European manufacturers.

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Yield creates wealth


With its production services, Calafi offers a complete range of services for the management of agricultural land - from soil cultivation to sowing and harvesting.

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Everything for green and golden times


We supply agriculture with quality seeds, mineral and organic fertiliser and we export the harvest to the main markets in Europe.

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Where the farmer is poor, the whole country is poor.

Polish proverb

Environmental & Social Commitment

Sustainability as a credo

Support for village communities

Where CALAFI works for the project executing agencies, mostly governmental or parastatal organisations and associations, new farmland is created. The beneficiaries are the local farmers and their village communities. As part of the work, CALAFI transfers know-how and creates many new jobs. In addition, CALAFI sponsors the construction of solar plants, health stations, classrooms and irrigation systems for the village communities.

Staff development

A large part of our commitment is aimed at the promotion and development of our employees. They are the ambassadors of our holistic approach to sustainable, mechanised and efficient agriculture. Our employees should show young people new perspectives in agriculture and motivate them to become part of the green revolution themselves.


If agriculture does not exist, the state cannot exist either.

Otto von Bismarck (1815 - 1898)

1st German Chancellor